About Measure H

Protecting student Success in Redwood City schools


Measure H will appear on the November 5, 2019 all-mail ballot for the San Mateo County Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election. All registered voters living within the Redwood City School District will be mailed a ballot the week of October 7, 2019.

Measure H provides local funding for our elementary and middle schools that can’t be taken by the state

Thanks to our supportive communities and high-quality teachers, local student achievement has continued to grow. However, the fact remains our elementary and middle schools are among the lowest funded in San Mateo County and are now facing a $10 million-dollar deficit due to state mandated cost increases.

We know we can’t rely on the state to ensure our children have access to the same quality of education as in neighboring communities. Our kids deserve better. That's why Yes on H is funded by Redwood City Community for Better Schools, a grassroots effort led by local parents and citizens.

Measure H is essential for our schools


As one of the lowest funded districts in San Mateo County, Redwood City School District needs an additional source of local revenue. Measure H would generate $3.4 million annually over the next 12 years to help protect our students from additional cuts in the classroom, where it matters most, and ensure they are ready for high school and their futures. Voting Yes on Measure H allows our schools to attract and retain our award-winning teachers by providing them with the resources they need to help our students succeed.

Voting yes on Measure H protects student success


  • Attracts and retains highly-qualified teachers

  • Supports reading and writing skills

  • Maintains science, technology, engineering and math instruction

  • Reduces class sizes in kindergarten and first grade 

Measure H is fiscally accountable 


  • All funds stay local and cannot be taken by the State 

  • No money can be used for administrator salaries

  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits ensure funds are spent as promised 

  • Senior homeowners are eligible for an exemption 


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